Nixtamal Shop

“Corn represents everything for Mexicans—it’s who we are. If we erase corn then we erase our identity.” 

Norma Listman, Masala Y Maiz

This summer, Metate Bake Shop is taking a semi-break from being your neighbourhood panadería and transforming itself into your local tortillería to bring to you some good ol’ Mexican deliciousness in the shape of tortillas, corn masa, tostadas, sopes and much more. We will, of course, be using some of the beautiful maíz criollo (or native corn) we have been getting from Oaxaca and other regions of Mexico to make this happen. We truly hope this nixtamal project doesn’t just help support our hardworking campesinos growing this amazing corn back home but also brings some much needed comfort to all of us craving un pedacito de México here in Vancouver, B.C.

Here’s our menu:

Blue Corn Masa
Dough made from nixtamalized blue corn. Perfect if you want to make your own tortillas at home!

Corn info: Heirloom Cónico Azul Corn (Blue, Non-GMO) from Armando Guadarrama’s milpa in Estado de México.

White Corn Masa
Dough made from nixtamalized white corn. This is the masa for you if you want to add colour and/or different flavours to your tortillas. Pink beet tortillas, anyone?

Corn info: Heirloom Olotillo Blanco Corn (White, Non-GMO) from Emiliano Ramirez Cruz’s milpa in Oaxaca

Red Corn Masa
Dough made from nixtamalized red corn – not as commonly grown as blue or white corn. A true delight!

Corn info: Heirloom Cónico Rojo Corn (Red, Non-GMO) from Armando’s milpa in Atlacomulco, Estado de México.

Belatove Corn Masa
Dough made from nixtamalized purple/red corn known as belatove. Belatove is Zapotec for “maguey worm”, which, like this variety of corn, bares a gorgeous purple/red hue. This corn comes from Oaxaca’s central valleys.

Corn info: Heirloom Bolita Belatove Corn (Purple/Red, Non-GMO) from Oaxaca’s Central Valleys.

Yellow Corn Masa
Dough made from nixtamalized yellow corn. All the way from the Chalco region in Estado de Mexico, this chalqueño varietal packs a bigger punch in flavour (think yams and sautéed onion) that makes it perfect for table tortillas, totopos and tostadas.

Corn info: Heirloom Chalqueño Amarillo Corn (Yellow, Non-GMO) from Chalco in Estado de Mexico.

How it works: We’ll re-stock the Nixtamal Shop every Sunday afternoon so that you can place your masa dough and tortilla orders by Wednesday night and pick up will be on Saturdays at Commissary Connect (417 Industrial Ave.) between 2pm and 5pm.

Don’t forget I love seeing what you make with your corn masa and/or tortillas! If you post them on Instagram, tag me as @metatebakeshop so that I can see your lovely creations. On Facebook, tag me as Metate Bake Shop. Let’s have some fun in the kitchen this summer!

Oh and one last thing…GRACIAS! We know you are all going to help us make this a great summer full of tacos, gorditas, tlacoyos, tostadas, quesadillas sin queso and other great corn creations. Looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and making some nixtamal for you all!!